Dispensing Towers

Nordic Beer Systems' Cold Block Technology

All Nordic towers are assembled with our custom cold blocks.  We manufacture a continuous block from a Zinc-Aluminum alloy which encases the hex-nuts that our 304 stainless steel shanks screw into.  Nordic has been manufacturing the 'guts' of draft beer towers with this cold block technology since 1985. The Nordic cold block ensures the beer stays cold all the way to the back of the faucet.

In our glycol towers, a copper loop is built right into the cold block and then foam insulated in place.  We build our air-cooled towers with screw in shanks also! These, however, are insulated with black rubber, providing exceptional air-flow.

Nordic towers are hand assembled by skilled technicians who've built our towers for decades. You can rest easy knowing you're receiving a professionally fabricated tower that is extensively tested before it has ever left our facility.

Stock Towers


All stock towers include choice of air cooled or glycol cooled.  Both selections include our metal cold blocks with removable shanks.  Stock towers can also be customized upon request.

Custom Towers


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