NBS Inc.

A family owned and operated company founded in 1985. We are driven by perfection, creativity, and functionality.

Dispensing Equipment

Dispensing Towers

Stock and Custom Towers - All Towers feature our metal cold-blocks with removable shanks (including air-cooled towers).  We have the shortest lead times in the industry with quotes averaging 1-2 days and tower completion averaging 2-3 weeks.

Drip Trays

Stock and Custom Trays - All drip trays are manufactured using stainless steel and include perforated stainless steel inserts.  All trays are customizable to suit your needs.

Power Packs

All power packs are air cooled, all power packs are customizable and can be made water cooled upon request. 

Trunk Lines

All trunk line is made with 3/8" numbered barrier beer tube with 3/8" black or clear glycol lines, encased in 3/4" insulation wrapped in black vinyl tape. Any trunk line over 100' includes 1/2" glycol lines.


All additional dispensing equipment ranging from faucets to wall brackets.